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Somewhat aloof and quiet, this breed seems to be only just tolerant of the people and animals around them. They are kind but reserved and make good companions for the elderly. This dog?s body temperature is slightly higher than most dogs.PURPOSE OF BREED:Mexican hairless dogs are considered "healing" dog by the native tribes of Mexico. It?s believed that the increased body temperature of this breed can draw poisons from an ailing person.AVERAGE LITTER SIZE:6 puppies

Country of origin: 
HEIGHT: MALE : 14in (35cm) - FEMALE : 14in (35cm)WEIGHT: MALE : 20lbs (9kg) - FEMALE : 20lbs (9kg)

Two varieties of Mexican "Hairless" dogs exist?one without hair and one with hair called a "Powder Puff." The hairless variety have smooth, soft, hairless skin that has no wrinkles and feels hot to the touch. "Powder Puffs" have medium length downy, fluffy soft coats that cover the dog?s entire body. The hairless variety require oiling to protect their sensitive skin. Powder Puffs are usually white and require regular brushing.

Common ailments: 

Auto immune weakness, allergies.


This breed is great with children, other dogs, and cats.