White Shepherds

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White Shepherd is white, longer than tall with smooth curves rather than hard angles, slightly sloping withers, strong back and well bent hocks.

Height (at shoulder) is 64cm (25inches) for male and 58cm (23inches) for female weight 75-85 lbs for male and 60-70lbs for female (may very).

The White Shepherd has a double coat. The outer coat is medium length, dense, straight, harsh and close lying. The undercoat should be fine and dense the male's may carry a thicker ruff then a female.Colour: White Shepherd are white or cream their eye rims, lips, nose, pads should be black.There are ones with snow nose which is brownish colour nose.


Stable, sensible, intelligent and quick to learn, loyal and protective to his/her home.Activity Level: (They are a working dog) Need lots of excerise.

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Sheila Sampson - Hockley Kennelÿ