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The Weimaraner is full of energy, friendly, but somewhat more aloof than other pointing breeds. It is an excellent watchdog, loyal to its master and family, but is only recommended for active homes, as they can be destructive if they get bored.PURPOSE OF BREED:Developed as an exclusive hunting dog for the German royalty, this breed was once owned and bred by the exclusive members of the German Weimaraner Club. This measure was taken so as to protect the breed from exploitation. Known as a fearless, hard working and versatile hunting dog of feather or fur, it remains a highly regarded hunter.AVERAGE LITTER SIZE:7 puppies


There have been numerous theories cited over the origins of the Weimaraner. One fact remains certain, that the Weimaraner at that time had much Leithund blood. These dogs were kept during the first third of the 19th Century at the Court of Weimar. Towards the middle of the century, before the beginning of our pure breed, the dogs were found almost exclusively in the hands of professional hunters and forest officials in central Germany, especially in the regions of Weimar and Thuringia.These dogs were usually bred only for performance, and when the days of the Leithund ended, these breeders crossed their dogs with Huhnerhund (refers to Pointers and Setters) and continued these matings further. From approximately 1890, more systematic breeding methods began and were recorded in the stud book. Besides the shorthaired Weimaraner, even before the turn of the century, there appeared a longhaired variety, although only now and then.The Weimaraner has remained a pure reed and basically free of crossbreeding, especially to Pointers, ever since it was first recorded in the official breed stud book. Therefore, the Weimaraner is, no doubt, the oldest German pointing breed, and has been pure bred for around 100 years.

Country of origin: 
HEIGHT: MALE : 27 in (69cm) - FEMALE : 25 in (64cm)WEIGHT: MALE : 85lbs (39kg) - FEMALE : 70lbs (32kg)

This mouse-gray to silver-gray, short, smooth and sleek coated dog needs minimal grooming

Common ailments: 

Hip, eye and immune problems

The Weimeraner has made its mark on the White House; Heidi, the Eisenhowers' Weimeraner, lived in the White House with the First Family.ÿ <a href="http://www.akc.org/">(Credit: AKC.org)</a>