Tibetan Spaniel

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This dog?s merry disposition and intelligence make him an enjoyable companion animal. They are very alert and always on guard. This dog can be aloof with strangers but are excellent with them once they have a chance to get to know them.PURPOSE OF BREED:Said to have worked as the prayer wheel dog, this breed dates back to prehistoric times. This breed either was the predecessor of the Pekinese or vice versa. One thing is certain, these spaniels were given as gifts to the visiting Chinese.AVERAGE LITTER SIZE:4 puppies

Country of origin: 
HEIGHT: MALE : 12in (30cm) - FEMALE : 10in (25cm)WEIGHT: MALE : 15lbs (7kg) - FEMALE : 9lbs (4kg)

Double coated, the topcoat is medium in length, silky in texture and smooth on face and front of legs. There is feathering on back of undercarriage, legs, ears and tail, while the undercoat is short and moderately thick. Tibetans require minimal brushing to keep them tidy. All colors accepted, but golden with black tipping on ears is the one most often seen.

Common ailments: 

Heart, Knees

As the Tibetan Spaniel breed became more highly regarded, the practice of sending the dogs as gifts to the palaces of China and other Buddhist countries grew significantly, and in reciprocity, more "lion dogs" were presented back to Tibet.ÿÿ <a href="http://www.akc.org/">(Credit: AKC.org)</a>
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