Thai Ridgeback

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The Thai Ridgeback Dog of Thailand, is also known as the " Mah Thai Lung Ahn? and is one of the oldest breeds in the dog world. These dogs were used for hunting (they are keen sight hounds) deer, tapirs and birds in dense jungle, as guardians for family homesteads and as companions for carts, the traditional mode of transportation in these areas. It is Thought that the Thai Ridgebacks originally came from the Pho Quoc Island originally part of Siam, now a part of Vietnam. It is the major isle in the Gulf of Siam, about 200 km south of BangkokAs a result of the isolation of the area, there was no chance of cross breeding with other breeds. Due to natural selection only the strongest and fittest dogs survived, creating the very healthy dog we know. Thai Ridgebacks have managed to retain their unique type for centuries.The Thai Ridgeback Dog is a muscular light-medium Pariah, belongs to the Spitz and Primitive Group under FCI classification and the Sighthound & Pariah group under UKC classification. They are generally fearless, upstanding and alert however will show caution in some situations. The wedge-shape head is carried high, with a flat skull for good aerodynamics. Its forehead wrinkles with enormous expression. The stop is well defined but not abrupt. Its well-developed maxillary skeleton and its deep wedge shaped muzzle makes for a very powerful scissor bite. Lips are black and tightly closed. There are some black marks on the tongue, with an exceptional entirely black tongue. The nose is dark with well opened nostrils. Eyes are dark or amber and almond-shaped. The pricked ears of medium size set rather low and point slightly outward, they are never cropped. The breed has a straight level back and it is very muscular, yet flexible. This allows for great galloping, climbing and jumping abilities. The low angularity hind leg also enhances the climbing potential. These attributes are the essential features that the dog needs for survival in the jungle. A high set, sickle shaped tail with its tip pointing forward is tapered and almost reaches its hock. The deep chested body is slightly tucked up with a strong loin. This feature helps the dog to move at a good speed in its gallop. The coat is short, hard, straight and of rather thin undercoat. The modern type may have an ultra-short (so called 'velvet') coat without the under coat. The coat color solid black, red, fawn, or blue. The Thai Ridgeback is a very clean breed with very little shedding .The body skin is slightly tight, thus no dewlap or wrinkles. The ridge may be of needle, arrow, violin, harp, bracket or inverted heart (saddle) shape, but has to be of bilateral symmetry. Shoulder height should be 22-24 inches (56-61 cm) in males and 20-22 inches (51-56 cm) in females. The weight should be 19-24 kilograms (42-53 pounds) in males, and 17-22 kilograms (37-48 pounds) in females.This breed was first recognized by the Dog Association of Thailand, then the Japanese Kennel Club, and the Asian Kennel Union and finally, as breed number 338 by the FCI in 1993. They are also recognized by the Kennel Club of Thailand, the United Kennel Club, the American Rare Breed Association and the American Kennel Club Foundation Stock Services.

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