Sussex Spaniel

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The Sussex is a very friendly and happy dog, loving to receive attention from people and is very protective of their owner as needed. It is also happy and friendly with other dogs and the only time aggression is shown is for self protection when challenged or attacked by another dog. The Sussex gets along well with children and makes an excellent pet. It is also a hunting dog and performs best flushing game.Physically it has a long body and short legs, and is considered to have a muscular and grand body relative to the short profile.The Sussex has what is considered a "rolling gait" and if you have never seen it I would describe it as something like a side to side motion or veering to one side in the back legs. It has medium length liver color hair that is plentiful and straight.

The Sussex was one of the first 10 breeds to be admitted to the American Kennel Club in 1884. It is a very rare breed. Back then there were no practical breeders and by the time of WW2 in 1945 there were only 5 dogs left due to governmental restrictions on breeding Even today in the year 2006 there are only a few hundred in all of the US and all of Britain.Sussex England is the derivation of the name. And that is where dog breeding was severely restricted or banned altogether.
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Charles Allen