Standard Schnauzer

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The Standard Schnauzer is the oldest Schnauzer known. This dog has been around for at least a couple of centuries. Their primary job was been to herd and guard livestock. In the home, they were also used to mind the children, from which they have earned the nickname ?kinderwachter,? which means ?child watcher.?This medium sized breed of dog is very intelligent and easy to train and live with, makes a great family dog and is naturally protective. The Standard Schnauzers are calmer and more trustworthy with children than their larger or smaller breed counterparts.

MALE : 35lbs (16kg)FEMALE : 30lbs (14kg)

A Standard Schnauzer has a double coat. The topcoat has a hard, wiry slightly bristly appearance, and the undercoat is soft and short. This breed requires professional grooming to keep it in top working condition. They are non-shedding dogs. A Standard Schnauzer is salt and pepper, or black in color.

Common ailments: 

Hip and Eye problems


This breed is good with children and okay with other animals.

Of the three Schnauzers, the Standard is the prototype, a German breed of great antiquity.ÿÿ <a href="">(Credit:</a>
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