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The Sloughi is a breed of dog, specifically a member of the sighthound family. Sloughis are closely related to the Saluki.Appearance:The Sloughi belongs to the Oriental sighthound family. In appearance, it is a short-haired, middle-sized, strong sighthound with drooping ears. Its expression is often described to be sad. Its muscular system is "dry", that is, the Sloughi has flat and long muscles, which must not be as brawny as those of Greyhounds or Whippets, even when in excellent physical condition. Its back is nearly horizontal (the lumbar region must be slightly vaulted). It has a moderate angulation and a tucked up underline.The Sloughi's eyes are mostly of amber colour. Its skin colour varies from light-sand, red-sand, red- or light-sand brindled, to sand or brindled with a black coat, at times with or without a mask. According to the standard, a Sloughi may only have a small white patch on its chest. Larger white spots on the chest or white toes and boots are excluding for breeding. Its walk is elastic and light-footed.The Sloughi's general view is compact and strong; it may not be too dainty.Characteristics:It is of sensitive nature yet is an alert and intelligent hound. It is said that Sloughis have a mighty longing for moving and that is not easy to keep them in flats with families; however, a Sloughi does not need more exercise than other dogs of similar size. It loves variety, walking on the leash, romping in the countryside, and racing. A Sloughi is faithful to his owner and it needs him close by. Sloughis are easy to bring up and to train, if you know how to do it. Because the Sloughi is very sensitive, its training shouldn't be oppressive, and any punishment should be omitted. What it likes is a friendly confirmation of its behaviour.ÿÿ

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The Sloughi's origin is mostly a matter of speculation. It is thought that Sloughis originally came from the Orient; today they are found almost nowhere except in northern Africa. On old fragments of earthenware (about 3000 B.C.), a short-haired sighthound with lop ears was discovered that looks like a Sloughi. Today, the Sloughi is found only in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and in the Arabian Peninsula, side by side with the Saluki. The Sloughi was and is still used for hunting in its native countries.
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