Shiloh Shepherd

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Personality:The personality of the Shiloh Shepherd is paramount. Without that special, almost human intelligence, without their fearless courage to protect their home and family, without their unique ability to reason out and solve problems, the Shilohs would be just another dog.Character:Courageous and self confident, this gentle giant possesses superior intelligence wrapped in a heart of gold, faithfully protecting his home and those he loves. Shilohs are extremely versatile and are easily trained companions.Suitable for Children:Shiloh Shepherds are sweet and loving when playing with small children, animals, or comforting the elderly.Description:The Shiloh Shepherd closely resembles the old German Shepherd Dog many of us remember from childhood, they are very different from most of the modern German Shepherd Dogs we see today. Shiloh breeders emphasize temperament, intelligence, health and hips.

The Shiloh Shepherd should appear longer than tall. The desired height for males, at the top the highest point of the shoulder blades, can be no less than 28". For females, the desired height can be no less than 26".

Color The Shiloh Shepherd comes in various colors. Shades of black with tan, golden tan, reddish tan, silver, and cream are as desirable as are various shades of richly pigmented golden, silver, red, dark brown, dark gray, or black sables. Also solid black or solid white is acceptable as long as the nose, eye rims, and lips are solid black. Coat (Two Acceptable varieties)SMOOTH: The ideal dog has a double coat of medium length. The outer coat should be as dense as possible with hair straight, harsh, lying close to the body.PLUSH: The Plush Variety has a close fitting double coat of medium coarse guard hairs, with a softer undercoat.

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