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Pugs are playful, fun loving, happy-go-lucky, toy dogs and make excellent companion animals. Very intelligent and easily trained, they are recommended for all types of homes. The word Pug means ?closed fisted??presumably in reference to its facial features that do resemble a closed fist. Pug also means ?someone tenderly loved,? and they are an easy to love animal once you get used to them.PURPOSE OF BREED:The origin of this breed is not fully known, however it is widel accepted that they came to England during the late 1700s from Asia. Thought to be a long legged, short-coated version of the Pekinese, these wonderfully kind toy dogs were much in favor during the Victorian era.AVERAGE LITTER SIZE:5 puppies

Country of origin: 
Asia (China)
HEIGHT: MALE : 13in (33cm) - FEMALE : 13in (33cm)WEIGHT: MALE : 18lbs (8kg) - FEMALE : 14lbs (6kg)
Common ailments: 

Knee and Eye problems

The Pug was the official dog of the House of Orange in Holland after one of the breed saved the life of the Crown Prince; the dog appears in the effigy of the monarch over William's tomb.ÿÿ <a href="http://www.akc.org/">(Credit: AKC.org)</a>
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