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These feisty little dogs make great family pets if raised with children; otherwise they must be closely watched when they are around small children. Pomeranians make alert and loyal guard dogs, but are inclined to be barkers!PURPOSE OF BREED:The Pomeranian is the smallest dog of the Spitz breed and was originally used as a herding dog and a beast of burden in its native homeland of Germany. In times past Pomeranians weighed around 30 lbs (14 kg) on average, but selective breeding in Britain during the Victorian era has reduced their size to a mere 3 to 7 lbs. These small dogs became a favorite lap dog of the gentry of the day.AVERAGE LITTER SIZE:3 puppies

HEIGHT: MALE : 11in (28cm) - FEMALE : 11in (28cm)WEIGHT: MALE : 7lbs (3kg) - FEMALE : 3lbs (1kg)

Pomeranians have a double coat. The soft fluffy undercoat gives it a puffy "ball-like" appearance. The outer coat is long, profuse, and stands out with perfectly straight hair. They have a distinct ruff around their neck and require regular thorough brushing to keep them clean and mat free. There are twelve known colors of Pomeranians ranging from black/red to white cream, but the most common color seen is a rich golden chestnut.

Common ailments: 

Knees, Epilepsy

Not well known until 1870, when the Kennel Club (England) recognized the so-called spitzdog. In 1888, Queen Victoria fell in love with a Pomeranian in Florence, Italy, and brought the specimen back to England, influencing its popularity dramatically. In fact, a Pomeranian lay beside the Queen at her death.ÿÿ <a href="http://www.akc.org/">(Credit: AKC.org)</a>
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