Pharaoh Hound

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General Characteristics can be described as: Aloof; Curious but Cautious; Independent, Extremely Intelligent and Strong willed. If there is just one thing that holds true for Pharaohs Hounds, it would be that there are no two alike. Their one goal in life is to enjoy it to the fullest. The Pharaoh Hound has an outstanding personality & is easy going & gentle. He stands with the "Aura" of greatness and importance & he holds himself aloof & above the average.They are quite fun loving and affectionate with their owners, & when quite pleased with themselves and/or their actions, will blush as described above. This is also occurs when they are smiling. Some owners have trained their Pharaohs to smile on command, thus producing the blush. They glow with excitement or happiness & can exhibit a great sense of humor, in the nature of a first class clown. They don't like the feeling of being entrapped. Pharaohs have a great tolerance of children and think God created these little creatures just for them to entertain. When raised with other small animals, they can be quite tolerant of those also. But be aware, they can also consider other small animals as "game" as they are first and foremost hunters instinctively. They have an innate sense of their owners feelings and moods. They know when to dive for cover or be on their best behavior. They are generally not high strung, but are active and do enjoy running and playing. They will entertain themselves for hours on end, and if they can entertain those they own at the same time, they are twice as happy.They can be quite "cat-like" in their personalities and habits. They love to be loved, but only when they want it. With strangers, they can be aloof until properly introduced. They will judge each new person on what they feel are their merits and decided if they are worthy of their attention. Thus they are very discriminating. Given enough time most will warm up to any situation or environment. They are not generally social butterflies. Allow them their own time to make these decisions and never force yourself or others on them. The key is proper Socialization. With other dogs, they tend of avoid fights, but if challenged they will stand their ground & defend themselves. Remember not all dogs are the same and these traits may vary from one dog to another.


The AKC records for the Pharaoh from the time they were recognized through the end of 1994, show, there have been a total of 233 litters with 1,211 dogs individually registered with the AKC. 465 of these dogs have attained their AKC Championship with an additional 53 titles having been award in Obedience. AKC Lure Coursing Titles have been given to many Field Champions.There are about 1,200 to 1,500 Pharaoh Hounds alive and well in the U.S. today. These figures are based on the fact that not all new owners of this wonderful breed choose to register their hounds, & therefore the figure of 1,211 registered may be misleading. Since Pharaoh Hounds have a long life span of 12+ years or more, most of those originally registered in 1984 are still with us. There are approximately 100-120 individual Pharaoh Hounds registered yearly in the US.Description:The head is fine and sculptured with natural prick ears that are medium high set. The neck is long and muscular & flows into the well laid back shoulders. The nose and eye rims are flesh colored, along with the insides of the erect ears. These flesh colored areas will turn pink or red when the Pharaoh is blushing, which they are quite capable of. The eyes are always amber colored and oval shaped. The gait is smooth and flowing with powerful strides. The top line is almost level with a slight slope of the croup to the tail which is long, reaching to the hock, and carried up & curved when moving. The tail generally hangs between the legs when the dog is inactive. The rear legs should be moderately bent at the stifle with well let down (short) hocks. The tuck-up on a Pharaoh Hound is not as great as that seen on a Greyhound or Whippet, but more moderate. The dog should be slightly longer than he is high.

Dogs may be up to 25" at the withers and bitches up to 24" with weight varying from 40 to 60 pounds

The Pharaoh Hound is a medium sized hound, elegant and of great beauty, showing grace, power & intelligence. Elegance should not be translated into fine bone. The coat is short and fine in varying shades of tan, ONLY, from quite dark to a medium blonde shade. White markings on the dog are allowed on the chest (called a star, but may be any shape), on the toes (but should not to extend beyond the toes) and on the tip of the tail (this is highly desirable, but not required and it should be a tip and not a flag). A small white snip is allowable on the forehead between and just above the eyes (sometimes called the "kiss of Allah"). This white snip should not extend down the face of the dog. White is permitted on the throat but not encouraged. White is NOT allowed on sides or back of the neck and body. This is the ONLY disqualification the breed standard for the Pharaoh Hound carries.

The Pharaoh Hound originated in ancient Egypt. It is thought to have been brought from Egypt by the Phoenicians when they settled on the Mediterranean islands of Malta and Gozo. The Pharaoh Hounds have existed there for over 2,000 years. In Malta they are bred for rabbit hunting and are the national dog of Malta. <a href="">(Credit:</a>
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