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These little lap dogs are highly intelligent and can be taught many tricks. They are agile and love to run and jump up on laps. A Papillon is good with small children and makes a wonderful companion animal. Two varieties of ears are found in this breed: "Prick" and "Phalene." Prick ears are simply known as Papillons (from the word "butterfly" in French) and resemble butterfly wings. The Phalene variety of ear is named after a moth, and dogs with this ear type have ears that fold-down like a moth?sPURPOSE OF BREED:This lap dog was a favorite of noble ladies in the French courts.AVERAGE LITTER SIZE:3 puppies

HEIGHT: MALE : 11in (28cm) - FEMALE : 8in (20cm)WEIGHT: MALE : 8lbs (4kg) - FEMALE : 7lbs (3kg)

The coat of a Papillon is medium in length, fine, silky and straight. There is feathering on the ears, back of the legs, and tail. This breed requires regular brushing. They have a white base with specific facial and ears markings that are either black or red, or tri-colored.

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