Old English Sheepdog

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These intelligent high energy dogs require a lot of daily exercise to keep them happy, so are best suited to acreage life. They are friendly with people and make good family pets.PURPOSE OF BREED:Old English Sheepdog not only lived with the sheep but would be sheared annually as well. They were the main drove dogs used when livestock needed to be taken to market.AVERAGE LITTER SIZE: 10 puppies

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HEIGHT: MALE : 22in (56cm) - FEMALE : 21in (54cm)WEIGHT: MALE : 66lbs (30) - FEMALE : 60lbs (27kg)

This breed has a double coat. Their topcoat is considered one of the most time consuming of any dog to keep mat and dirt free. Hair in the topcoat is about two feet long all over the body, and is not straight but quite shaggy. The undercoat has a waterproof pile. A daily brushing is needed to keep the coat mat free and clean. These dogs are born with tails, which are docked at birth. Old English Sheepdogs are any shade of grey, grizzled, blue, or blue-merled with white markings.

Common ailments: 

Hip Dysplasia and Cataracts

The Old English Sheepdog Club of America was founded in 1904, and the breed received AKC recognition the following year. <a href="http://www.akc.org/">(Credit: AKC.org)</a>
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