Norwegian Elkhound

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This ancient Spitz breed dates back to the dawn of the arrival of primitive man in the Scandinavian Peninsula. They are a versatile all round guardian, herder, and hunter. They were mainly used to track large game. They hunt in pairs, track their quarry silently, then attack from both sides and begin howling and holding the creature at bay until the hunter arrives.This dog is smart, obedient, and has an excellent loyal disposition. A Norwegian Elkhound is a good choice for a family pet and are known to act heroically when faced with immediate danger. Due care, however, must be exercised around strangers, as this dog is very protective and suspicious of non-family members.

MALE : 44lbs (20kg)FEMALE : 44lbs (20kg)

The Norwegian Elkhound has a double coat. The topcoat is thick, with smooth, medium length, moderately coarse hair. Their undercoat is soft, wooly and warm. They have a short tail covered with thick hair. Weekly brushing is required to keep their coat clean and manageable. A Norwegian Elkhound is gray with black ?tips.? Their undercoat is a light creamy color.

Remnants of Norwegian Elkhounds dating back 5000 years have been found with Viking remains and weapons, a testament to their importance in the Nordic culture.ÿÿ <a href="">(Credit:</a>
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