Miniature Schnauzer

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This dog makes a good companion animal and guard dog. They can have some bad habits, such as digging and barking, but their intelligent and loyal nature more than compensates.PURPOSE OF BREED:The Miniature Schnauzer is the smallest of the three varieties of Schnauzers. Its primary purpose was to be a ratter, but they were also used as guard dogs and were found to be very loving household companionsAVERAGE LITTER SIZE:6 puppies

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HEIGHT: MALE : 14in (36cm) - FEMALE : 12in (30cm)WEIGHT: MALE : 25lbs (11kg) - FEMALE : 22lbs (10kg)

AÿSchnauzer has a double coat. The topcoat is hard and wiry and the undercoat is soft and close fitting. It has furnishing on its eyebrows, fore face, undercarriage and legs. These little dogs are named for their bushy beards; schnauzer in German means beard. Miniature Schnauzers require professional stripping to keep their coat in optimal condition. They are salt and pepper, black, or black and tan in color.


Miniature Schnauzers are great with children, and are good with other dogs as well as cats.

The Miniature Schnauzer is derived from the Standard Schnauzer and is said to have come from mixing of Affenpinschers and Poodles with small Standard Schnauzers. The breed was exhibited as a distinct breed as early as 1899.ÿÿ <a href="">(Credit:</a>
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