Manchester Terrier

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Because they tend to be rather territorial TRAINING CLASSES are advisable. These dogs, even the tiny ones, are quite capable of dominating your entire household. Early, constant socialization is a must. Most truly enjoy learning new things and the beginning classes will give you a base from which to try everything from Obedience to Pet Therapy. Manchesters are also making a name for themselves in Agility and are one of the breeds eligible for Earthdog Trials. A properly socialized MANCHESTER is a happy, outgoing little party animal that will give you endless enjoyment. One who is not may be fearful of new people and situations and even snappish. A well brought up MANCHESTER can be a wonderful companion for equally well- trained children but care must be taken if you bring a tiny puppy into a home with toddlers. Unless you are willing to devote the effort you might want to look elsewhere for a dog to raise with children under ten.This is a very HIGH ENERGY breed. Excellent watch- dogs, they will be aware of everything that goes on around your home and feel an intense need to ?run and find out?. They will also bark to draw your attention to the burglar (or butterfly). Even the Toy variety is sturdy and physically tough. They need plenty of playtime, lots of running and toys to keep them occupied. They are small enough to make a nice apartment dog but they really do need to work off all this energy. Indoor games will only take you so far ? if you acquire a MANCHESTER be ready to keep him busy.


The Manchester Terrier originated in the British Isles centuries ago. Bred to keep down the vermin in barns, taverns and homes they were renowned for their gameness. The larger of the two Varieties, the Standard Manchester, weighs twelve to twenty-two pounds and the Toy Manchester may not weigh over twelve pounds. Toys must have a naturally upright ear while the ear on the Standard may be naturally upright, cropped or button. In all other respects the two varieties are identical.

Country of origin: 
British Isle

From its origin as one of the group of feisty little rough coated dogs in the British Isles that formed the gene pool for almost all Terriers, the MANCHESTER has evolved into the slick coated, always black and tan dog we see today. Their single layer coat needs minimal care ? rubbing briskly with a damp towel once a week will nearly eliminate shedding and odor. Toenails are a problem and absolutely must be kept trimmed back. This should be done at least every couple of weeks.

Common ailments: 

While a variety of health problems has been documented in the breed they are basically very healthy little dogs and much heartier than their racy looks might lead you to believe. A good Breeder will have checked the parents for a hereditary bleeding disorder, vonWildebrand?s Disease and be able to tell you what your puppy?s status is and you need to be sure the dog is kept up to date on immunizations. You must also be aware that these dogs cannot tolerate extremes of temperatures. Being a single coated breed they have no protection from either heat or cold. They must be considered an indoor pet.

The dog in the old comic strip, JIGGS AND MAGGIE was a Manchester.One of the first breeds commonly kept inside they were prized as bed warmers but were also expected to keep the house free of vermin.A modern version of the "English Black And Tan" they are one of the oldest Terrier breeds and most of the English terriers can be traced back to them.They are recognizable in protraits from the seventeenth century and have graced palaces as well as huts.
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