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The Maltese has been a companion animal to humans far back in time. This dog can be a feisty character like its terrier ancestors, and are quite protective of their masters. They love to be petted and preened.AVERAGE LITTER SIZE:3 puppies

Country of origin: 
4 to 7 lbs

The coat of a Maltese skirts the ground when they move and gives them an appearance of floating on air. The hair is straight, silky and should lay flat and although long, it should not impede the dog's movement. This breed requires regular brushing to keep it mat free. Maltese come in one color?white.

Common ailments: 

Knees, Eye problems


These dogs are highly protective of their masters. They are very agile and intelligent and can be taught to do many tricks. The Maltese is not considered to be suitable for children since they are quite fragile.

At the time of the Apostle Paul, Publius, the Roman governor of Malta, had a Maltese named Issa of which he was very fond; in this connection, the poet Marcus Valerius Martialis (Martial) made this attachment famous in one of his celebrated epigrams.ÿ <a href="" target="_blank">(Credit:</a>
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