Labrador Retriever

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This stoic, hardy breed of retriever is a great choice as a family pet. They are playful, easy to train, and naturally obedient. Labrador Retrievers do require liberal amounts of daily exercise and are prone to obesity. As a pet, they can be a bit demanding of attention and do best in a home where they can have a daily workout. They like water and have a distinct otter-like tail, which they use like a rudder when they swim.PURPOSE OF BREED:Labrador Retrievers are considered the foremost waterfowl dog on earth, but have also been trained and used as pipeline service dogs, police dogs, and as guide dogs for the blind. Their adaptability has earned them a reputation as a versatile worker in any task they are given.AVERAGE LITTER SIZE:10 puppies

HEIGHT: MALE : 24in (61cm) - FEMALE : 23in (58cm)WEIGHT: MALE : 75lbs (34kg) - FEMALE : 65lbs(30kg)

Labrador Retrievers have a short, dense, waterproof coat, which feels somewhat oily to the touch. They require minimal grooming and bathing. They are solid black, yellow, or chocolate in color.

Common ailments: 

Hip and Eye problems. Epilepsy


Labrador Retrievers are good with people and children, but because of their exuberant nature they must be supervised with very young children.

The original Labrador gradually died out in Newfoundland on account of a heavy dog tax which, with the English quarantine law, practically stopped importation of the dogs into England. Therefore, many Labs were interbred with other types of retrievers, although fortunately the Labrador characteristics predominated until fanciers wrote up an anti-interbreeding law.ÿÿ <a href="">(Credit:</a>ÿ