Italian Greyhound

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The smallest of the greyhound like breeds, the Italian Greyhound was once a favorite of the Italian nobility. They were used as companion animals and greatly admired for their fine lines and beauty.These sweet, quiet, fragile looking toys are a pleasure to own. Please keep in mind that they are cuddly and very needy (attention seeking) and require plenty of exercise.

MALE : 8-13lbs (3.5 - 5.9kg)FEMALE : 8-13lbs (3.5 - 5.9kg)

Coat: very short, close, of fine texture, silky to the touch, glossy like satin. Skin fine and supple. The colour can be white, cream, fawn, blue, grey, black, red, chocolate, bronze,blue/fawn, red/fawn. Any shade of these colours: solid or with white markings or white with coloured markings. A mask is permissible. Teeth should be brushed at least every other day, if not daily while the nails should be trimmed weekly or every 2 weeks.

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