Irish Wolfhound

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As his name imparts this giant breed was developed to hunt the wolves of Ireland and the now extinct Irish Elk and Irish Boar. Said to be ferocious dog in battle, he was gentle and trustworthy while guarding the home.This giant breed is now foremost a guardian to its owners. Instinctually protective, it needs ongoing socialization and obedience throughout its life. This dog will require lots of daily exercise to keep it in top form.

MALE : 120 lbs (54kg)FEMALE : 105 lbs (48kg)

The coat hair is medium length, very coarse and hard on the body, legs and head. It is especially wiry and long over its eyes and on under jaw.

Irish Wolfhounds are called, interchangeably, "Irish dogs," "Big Dogs of Ireland," "Greyhounds (or Grehounds) of Ireland," "Wolfdogs of Ireland" and "Great Hounds of Ireland." Irish Wolfhound is the more modern name.ÿ <a href="">(Credit:</a>
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