Irish Water Spaniel

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Considered the largest Spaniel, the key to this breed's happiness is to have constant contact with people. Best suited to a home where it is working, it can live happily as a family pet if exercised frequently. This Spaniel has a bold eagerness in temperament and is a natural clown.PURPOSE OF BREED:This ancient breed of water Spaniels was developed for retrieving work on waterfowl. Said to be an ancestor of the poodle, it shares many of the same traits such as the coat texture, conformation, trainability and a love of the water.AVERAGE LITTER SIZE:8 puppies

HEIGHT: MALE : 24 in (61cm) - FEMALE : 23 in (58cm)WEIGHT: MALE : 65lbs (29kg) - FEMALE : 58lbs (26 kg)

Coat of dense, tight ringlets, covering the neck back and sides while its face and tail has a fine short coat. Moderate professional grooming required as this non-shedding, liver colored coat will need scissoring or clipping.

Common ailments: 

Hip problems.


They are good with children, however must be supervised around infants. This dog needs ongoing socialization around other dogs to be accepting of them, but are good with cats and other animals.

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