Irish Red and White Setter

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This breed has a high-energy requirement and is best suited to a working lifestyle as they have tremendous stamina and drive to work. They are intelligent, loyal and easy to train; hence they make good family pets.PURPOSE OF BREED:This breed is said to be the original Irish Setter, and has been known to exist since the 18th century in the southern regions of Ireland. It was bread as a hunting dog that would set on game (point) in the field.AVERAGE LITTER SIZE:12 puppies

Country of origin: 
HEIGHT: MALE : 27in (69cm) - FEMALE : 24in (61cm)WEIGHT: MALE : 40lbs (18kg) - FEMALE : 40lbs (18kg)

The coat is flat, straight and slightly coarse. They are white with red markings that is moderate in length and has feathering on the ears, undercarriage, legs and tail. Some ticking is allowed in its coat color.


Irish Red and White Setters are affectionate with children; however, they do need ongoing supervision when they are around very young children. This dog is generally good with other dogs and animals