Ibizan Hound

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This breed was developed as a hunting hound that uses sight, sound, and scent to find its prey?usually small animals. This ancient breed is said to have been brought from Egypt by the Phoenicians as trading merchandise. Ibizan Hounds were then refined and brought up in isolation in the Balearic Islands for centuries.They are said to me mild mannered and very sensitive with alert dispositions. They seem to hate load noises as they have very acute hearing. They make a good family pet, but require regular running n a secure area to keep them happy.

Country of origin: 
MALE : 55lbs (25kg)FEMALE : 50lbs (23kg)

They have two varieties of coats: smooth and wire. The smooth coat is short, fine and clean looking. The wire coat is medium in length, wiry and coarse harsh. The wire coated Ibizan hound has a generous mustache on its muzzle. Both types of coats are easy to care for. In color they are red, lion, or white, or a red and white mixture.


They are generally good with children and good as well with other dogs, however precaution must be taken when they are around very small dogs or around cats.

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