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The Greyhound is one of the most ancient breeds known to man dating back some 7000 years. This ?sight? hound is revered for its speed, strength and hunting instinct and has endured the test of time. The sport of lure coursing and greyhound racing continue to keep this bred in favor.

MALE : 70lbs (32kg)FEMALE : 65lbs (29kg)

The coat is short, glossy, smooth and firm in texture. Greyhounds are acceptable in any color.

One of the most celebrated of many Greyhound owners in history was General George A. Custer. Custer was especially fond of coursing breeds - Greyhounds and "staghounds" - and traveled with a hound pack that numbered about forty. One book reports that Custer's dogs were about to run a matched race the day before he left on his fatal expedition to Big Horn River in 1876. <a href="">(Credit:</a>
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