Great Dane

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Breeders have turned the Great Dane into a more good-natured, kind and gentle animal. They are still excellent watchdogs but also make good family pets.PURPOSE OF BREED:This mastiff breed dates back some 5000 years. Once used as fighting dogs, their primary purpose over the centuries has been to serve as guard dogs. This giant but reasonably swift runner was used to hunt wild boars in Europe during the middle ages. They hunted in packs that number in the hundreds.AVERAGE LITTER SIZE:10 puppies

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HEIGHT: MALE : 32in (81cm) - FEMALE : 30in(76cm)WEIGHT: MALE : 100lbs+ (45kg+) - FEMALE : 100lbs+ (45kg+)

Their coats are smooth, thick, short and glossy. A minimal amount of grooming is required. In color they are brindle, fawn, "Boston" (black and white), and "Harlequin" (white base with white ticking, blue & black.


The Great Dane is good with children as well as other dogs and cats. However, because of their size they must be supervised when with small children.

The Great Dane's name is the English translation of the breed name in French: grand Danois, meaning "big Danish."ÿ <a href="">(Credit:</a>
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