German Wirehaired Pointer

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The intelligent and obedient wire-coated version of the German pointer was developed specifically for hunting in rough terrain. Its coarse coat is weather resistant and somewhat water repellant.This sturdy built dog is known to be hard working and tenacious. It can be a bit aloof at times, but it is always genial with people. A German Wirehaired Pointer can be mischievous and destructive if they get bored, so giving them regular exercise is essential to keep them happy.

MALE : 65lbs (30kg)FEMALE : 50lbs (23kg)

The German Wirehaired Pointer has a straight, wiry outer coat and a downy undercoat. Occasional brushing and stripping is required to keep it in working condition. The color is liver and white, or liver roan with spots or ticking.

Common ailments: 

Hip, eye and Epilepsy.


German Wirehaired Pointers prefer life as a solitary worker but are tolerant of other dogs and animals.

Most of the early wirehaired Pointers represented a combination of Griffon, Stichelhaar, Pudelpointer, and German Shorthair. The Pudelpointer was a cross between a Poodle dog and an English Pointer bitch, while the Griffon and the Stichelhaar were composed of Pointer, Foxhound, Pudelpointer, and a Polish Water dog. Thus, it is easy to appreciate the different hunting skills incorporated in the wirehaired Pointers of a century or more ago. (Credit:ÿ<a href="" target="_blank"></a>)
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