German Pinscher

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This feisty little terrier is a superb ratter and comparable guard dog, big enough to thwart any burglar. They are intelligent but can be a little stubborn at times, however they still make a good house companion.Intelligent, compact, robust dog of medium size originally bred for ratting and guarding the horse stables and farms of Germany, comes in several colours- solid colours of stag red, red, fawn, and bi colours of blue and black both with tan markings. Red and stag red is dominate and the most common colour unless otherwise bred for. Smooth short glossy, dense single coat. A robust and strong dog for size.

PURPOSE OF BREED:This breed?s immediate ancestors are thought to descend from the ancient terriers that existed in Europe before the Celtic invasions; prior to the centuries before Christ. Once differentiated by coat type alone, the German Pinscher was the smooth variety of the Schnauzer breed.


Country of origin: 
HEIGHT: MALE : 19in (48cm) - FEMALE : 16in (41cm) WEIGHT: MALE : 35lbs (16kg) - FEMALE : 25lbs (11kg)

The coat is short, glossy, coarse and smooth that can be red or black & tan.

Common ailments: 

Generally a healthy breed. It is tested for Hips/Elbows and Eyes in most countries. Prone to knee problems.


Alert, fearless, intelligent ratting and guarding breed. Needs a firm alpha owner, exuberant as puppies and active breed and therefore not recommended for small children. Obedience is highly recommended to occupy this breed’s intelligent mind. It has the potential to excel at Agility or coursing. Unbribable and loyal to owners. Excellent nose and prey drive. Happy to be with you at all times.

The German Pinscher is actually more closely related to the Standard Schnauzer as once they were the same breed with different coats much like the Collie (rough and smooth) are today. (supplied by: Heather Green)The German Pinscher was almost extinct by the mid 1950's when one person brought the breed back to life using one German Pinscher female and three oversize Miniature Pinschers. (supplied by: Heather Green)The German Pinscher was one of the breeds used to create the more common Doberman Pinscher, not the other way around. (supplied by: Heather Green)The German Pinscher can trace it's history back to the 7th Century. (supplied by: Heather Green)
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