Finnish Spitz

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Although the Finnish Spitz was known and bred for millenniums by the northern natives of Lapland and Finland, it only received purebred status in the early part of the twentieth century. This breed is known as the ?The Barking Bird Dog? and it primary purpose is to hunt birds.Unlike most Spitz breeds this small fox-like dog is very inquisitive. When left on their own to mate they dig a den and work together to raise their young. They are bright and moderately obedient and make a good and tolerant family pet.

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MALE : 40lbs (18kg)FEMALE : 35lbs (16kg)

This dog has a double coat with a short, bristly, plush, dirt-resistant topcoat and a soft, dense, lighter colored undercoat. Males develop a noticeably longer and coarser coat than females. A minimal amount of grooming is required. The Finnish Spitz is brownish red to yellowish brown in color.


The Finnish Spitz is good with children but can be reserved around other dogs.

The Finnish Spitz is, not surprisingly, the national dog of Finland. (Credit:ÿ<a href="" target="_blank"></a>)
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