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A relatively new breed, the Eurasier is a medium-sized, spitz-type dog with a thick woolly undercoat, soft, medium length outer coat in various colors, and a bushy tail that it carries over its back. It can also have a pink, blue-black or spotted tongue. The Eurasier adapts to all types of environments and residential living (housing, apartments, etc). In its native Germany, it has become known as ?the ideal housedog?.CharacterThe Eurasier is a clean, quiet dog with a tender and affectionate nature, and is well suited to family life. It is loving and tolerant with children, compatible with other pets, and loyal to all members of the family. The Eurasier can be quite mischievous during the first few months of puppy hood, but becomes more settled with maturity, although adult dogs can still be extremely playful. The Eurasier is distrustful and reserved with strangers without being unfriendly - the Eurasier will keep a safe distance, but remain alert. Typically not a barker, the Eurasier will bark to warn the household, and thus makes a good watchdog.IntelligenceEurasiers are highly intelligent, alert and quick-witted; very easily trained with an overwhelming desire to please. They are extremely sensitive to harsh words or discipline and respond best to soft reprimand.


German founder Julius Wipfel conceived the idea of creating this new breed following his post-war affection for a spitz-type dog left by Allied troops ? a dog he called ?The Canadian?. With the help of Nobel prizewinner Konrad Lorenz and others, Wipfel embarked on a carefully controlled breeding program, and in 1960 the first litter of ?Wolf-Chow? puppies was born ? the offspring of a German Wolfspitz and a Chow-Chow. Later, in 1972, the Samoyed was introduced to the gene pool, the name of the breed was changed to Eurasier, and it became internationally recognized by the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI).

Male Eurasiers range in size from 20-23 inches at the withers (52-60 cm) and can weigh from 50-70 pounds (23-32kg).ÿFemales are 19-22 inches (48-56cm) and weigh 40-57 pounds (18-26 kg).

Eurasiers do not have a natural ?doggie odor?, and if kept in clean surroundings, a bath 2-3 times a year is all that?s required. Their coat does require regular weekly brushing, although that could increase to daily grooming during seasonal shedding periods. Exercise needs are met by a daily walk.

Common ailments: 

Eurasiers are a relatively healthy breed with few problems. The average life expectancy is 12-15 years. Hip dysplasia, patella luxation and congenital eye disease (entroprion, ectroprion) can occur. Only those Eurasiers certified free of these conditions should be used for breeding?ask for documentation from the breeder.

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