English Setter

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Gentle by design, with an affectionate, willing-to-please nature, they make a wonderful family pet. English Setters require daily exercise to keep them happy and fit. They are easy to train and live with.PURPOSE OF BREED:The English Setter was developed to hunt and set on game, holding on point until the hunters arrive to shoot the quarry. This was to be done with speed, accuracy and quietly so as not to prematurely flush the birds.AVERAGE LITTER SIZE:10 puppies


The coat of an English Setter is flat, soft to the touch, and of medium length. There is feathering on the undercarriage, ears, legs and tail. English Setters requires moderate weekly grooming. They can be black and white, orange and white, liver and white, lemon and white, plain white, black, or tan and white. Their coat may also be the colors mention plus "Belton" (roan).

Common ailments: 

Hip and Hearing problems

Contrary to popular belief, the three setters - English, Gordon, and Irish - are not merely representatives of different colors or varieties within one "setter" heading but are in fact three separate breeds. (Credit:ÿ<a href="http://www.akc.org/" target="_blank">AKC.org</a>)
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