English Foxhound

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The English Foxhound was bred to work in ?the Quorn.? The Quorn is the name given to an established working foxhound pack, trained to scent, track and surround its quarry?the fox! Their bold, booming voices can be heard from a great distance.English Foxhounds having been bred for centuries to bring out their hunting instincts so attempts to integrate them into any other lifestyle fail miserably. For this reason English Foxhounds are not considered suitable for family pets.

MALE : 60lbs (27kg)FEMALE : 50lbs (23kg)

The coat of an English Foxhound is short, hard, dense, and glossy and required a minimum of grooming. Foxhounds can be tri-colored, white with brown or grey or lemon or tan.


An English Foxhound is aloof, but friendly around children.

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