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These intelligent and obedient herding dogs make wonderful family pets. They are good with children and love to play. They do require a generous amount of daily exercise.PURPOSE OF BREED:This Collie was developed in its native Scotland to be a hardy, hard working herding dog. This most recognizable of the collie breeds has been around since the 14th century and are known as nimble and efficient sheepherders, finders and drovers.AVERAGE LITTER SIZE:8 puppies

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HEIGHT: MALE : 26in (67cm) - FEMALE : 24in (61cm)WEIGHT:MALE : 75lbs (34kg) - FEMALE : 65lbs (30kg)

Collies have two types of coats?smooth and rough. Both types have a double coat of hair. The smooth coated Collie has a short, dense, well fitting topcoat. The rough coated Collie has a thick medium length, straight, rather coarse topcoat that has a distinct ruff around its shoulders that frames the face. Both smooth and rough coated Collies have dense wooly undercoats. Grooming for the smooth variety is minimal, but the rough variety of Collie requires regular ongoing brushing to keep it in top condition. There are five acceptable colors for Collies: sable and white, tricolor, blue merle, sable merle, and white.

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Eyes and Hips

Queen Victoria saw her first Collies in the 1860's, and she enthusiastically began to sponsor them, causing a marked surge in the breed's popularity. It was at this point that Collies split from other sheepherding breeds, like Border Collies. (Credit:ÿ<a href="" target="_blank"></a>)
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