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The Chihuahua is known to be a bit nippy and is more suited to life with a single owner than a family. They should not be left around small children because they are very small and can easily be injured. This tiny dog is affectionate and very protective of its owner.PURPOSE OF BREED:This pocket-sized companion was discovered in Mexico. However, there is much controversy surrounding the real origins of this the smallest breed of dog in the world. Some speculate that they came from Egypt, others say it was Spain, and some place its origins in China.AVERAGE LITTER SIZE:3 puppies

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HEIGHT: MALE : 6in (15cm) - FEMALE : 6in (15cm)WEIGHT: MALE : 4lbs (2kg) - FEMALE : 4lbs(2kg)

Chihuahuas come with two varieties of coat?one short and smooth, the other longhaired. The short smooth variety has soft, glossy, close-set hair. The longhaired variety has medium length hair with a ruff around the neck and feathering on the legs and tail. Since the dog is small, very little grooming is required. Any color is acceptable and may be solid, marked or splashed.

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