Cardigan Welsh Corgi

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This breed is said to be a smart and loyal companion. With a deep bark and alert temperament, it makes a great guard dog. They can be a bit nippy if not trained and socialized from an early age.PURPOSE OF BREED: This breed was developed in the relative isolation of Wales, as a low-legged breed that herded cattle by nipping at their heels. Unlike the Pembroke Corgis, this Corgi also worked at a variety of other jobs like herding, hunting and guarding the farm.AVERAGE LITTER SIZE: 4 puppies

HEIGHT: MALE : 12in (30cm) - FEMALE : 10in (26cm)WEIGHT: MALE : 24lbs (11kg) - FEMALE : 22lbs (10kg)

The coat is short, hard in texture, weather proof with good undercoat. Its usually red and white or white and brindle coat has little grooming requirements.

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