Cane Corso

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The Cane Corso is an Italian guard dog. The dog is a large mastiff-type dog breed and can be naturally aggressive with strangers unless well socialized from an early age.Sixteenth-century breeders in Sicily recreated this breed in an attempt to match the ancient, now-extinct, herding breed Cane di Macellaio. It was used as a drover to move herds of cattle, and it might have been used in dog fighting.Appearance:Breed standards are still developing internationally, and they vary somewhat among different breed clubs. For example, the FCI standard calls for a height at the withers from 58 to 68 cm (22.8 to 26.7 inches), with bitches in the lower ranges and males in the higher ranges, whereas the AKC affiliated club (International Cane Corso Federation) calls for 24.4-26.8 inches (62 to 68 cm).[1] ( Similarly, different organizations call for weights in various ranges from 36-63.5 kg (80 to 140 pounds).Its ears are naturally dropped forward, but many breeders crop them short and close to the head so that the remaining stubs stand upright.

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