Bull Terrier

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These superbly agile and strong dogs make a quiet and loving family companion even though they often seem to have a rough, fearless, street-wise, "man about town? appearance and can become quite stubborn and willful at times.PURPOSE OF BREED:As the name implies, the Bull Terrier came about by mating a bulldog and a terrier. They were bred to bait bulls but were also used extensively as pit dogs where they fought other dogs, badgers and vermin.AVERAGE LITTER SIZE:6 puppies

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HEIGHT: MALE : 22in (56cm) - FEMALE : 21in (54cm)WEIGHT: MALE : 65lbs (30kg) - FEMALE : 40lbs (18kg)

Their coat is short, even and coarse to the touch and has a fine gloss. No grooming needed. Bull Terriers are usually all white, brindle, or white with a little spot of color around their eyes.

Common ailments: 

Knees, Eyes

The Birmingham fighting dog breeder, James Hinks crossed the existing Bull-and-Terrier with the White English Terrier, which has since died out as a breed. After many years of careful experimentation, he managed to create a new white coated Bull-and-terrier breed, which was smaller and more elegant, which he named the Bull Terrier. (Credit:ÿ<a href="http://www.akc.org/" target="_blank">AKC.org</a>)
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