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Known to exist since the times of Charlemagne (742-814 AD), the Briard was primarily used as a drover of livestock. In war times this dog was used as a pack animal and sentry. Currently, Briards are used as police dogs in their native country of France.This giant breed requires a great amount of exercise and training and therefore is happiest on an acreage. If bored they can become roamers.

MALE : 80lbs(36kg)FEMALE : 70lbs (32kg)

The coat on a Briard is very long, slightly wavy but strong and rather coarse. This dog requires ongoing brushing to keep the coat mat free. Briards are usually black, fawn, or a gray in color. A unique characteristic of this breed is its double dewclaws.

In 1909, a French society called Les Amis du Briard (Friends of the Briard) was founded which eventually drew up a precise standard in 1925. (Credit:ÿ<a href="" target="_blank"></a>)
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