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The ultimate scent hound, this breed has been in existence since as early as 1000 AD Blood hounds are tracking dogs used primarily to find and follow the scent of the quarry, but never to attack it. They have long been considered the best human tracker in the dog world.Large and independent in nature, this true hound can be difficult to train. Best suited to a countryside lifestyle, bloodhounds need regular and large amount of exercise and exploring.

MALE : 90lbs (41kg)FEMALE : 80lbs (36kg)

Their coat is soft and velvety to the touch. Their skin is very loose all over their body and hangs in wrinkled folds on the torso and head. The ears are long and pendulous. The face is a mass of folds and wrinkles. Grooming needs to include ongoing ear care, checking for dirt in the many folds of skin. Bloodhounds are black and tan, red and tan, and tawny, sometimes with a small amount of white on fore-chest and feet.

Common ailments: 

Hip Dysplasia

The first recorded use of Bloodhounds by organized law enforcement was in England in 1805 when the Thrapthon Association for the Prevention of Felons acquired a Bloodhound to search for poachers and thieves. (Credit:ÿ<a href="" target="_blank"></a>)
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