Bichon Frise

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Infallible little temperaments, these smart dogs make excellent family pets, and are very playful with a strong desire to please. They also have a non-shedding coat.PURPOSE OF BREED:This small curly haired breed was a favorite of the aristocracy and can be seen in many of the old masters? paintings of the Renaissance. They were known as the pet of the common people after the French Revolution, and were trained and used as trick dogs in the circus.atile workers. As guard dogs, cart dogs and herders they were said to be infallible.

HEIGHT: MALE : 12in (30cm) - FEMALE : 9in (23cm)WEIGHT: MALE : 15lbs (9kg) - FEMALE : 15lbs (9kg)
Common ailments: 

Eye Problems

Bichons were rediscovered by the Italians in the 14th century and became great favorites of Italian nobility. (<a href="" target="_blank"></a>)
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