Bernese Mountain Dog

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This giant breed is known for its good temperament and natural heroic abilities. They make good family pets, as they are easy to train and are obedient.PURPOSE OF BREED:Known since the time of the Romans, Bernese Mountain Dogs serve as strong, agile, vers

Country of origin: 
HEIGHT: MALE : 28in (71cm) - FEMALE : 26in (66cm)WEIGHT: MALE : 110lbs (50kg) - FEMALE : 70lbs (32kg)

They have a double coat with a medium length guard coat that has a lovely sheen to it. It has some feathering on the back of its legs, undercarriage and tail. The undercoat is very short, soft and silky. The Bernese Mountain Dog is black, tan and white, with very specific markings.

Common ailments: 

Hip dysplasia, heart, cancer


These dogs are great with children, but because of its size must be supervised around very small children. They are generally good with other dogs, and cats.

Until a few years before WWI, the Bernese had been almost forgotten by all save the oldest inhabitants of Berne, when the breed had become practically unrecognizable. It was not until 1892 that the Swiss fancier Franz Schertenleib attempted to find good specimens to be used as breeding stock. (<a href=""></a>)
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