Bedlington Terrier

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Considered one of the most ferocious terriers, this breed?s gentle appearance shouldn?t fool you. They require a firm control and supervision around strangers and other small animals. They have a quiet demeanor.PURPOSE OF BREED: This swift terrier was developed, by breeding whippets to an established terrier within a region. The product was a terrier that was fleet of foot, good at hunting rabbits and vermin, who was capable of hunting in water as well as land.

HEIGHT: MALE : 17in (42cm) - FEMALE : 16in (40cm)WEIGHT: MALE : 23lbs (10kg) - FEMALE : 17lbs(7kg)

Coat has an appearance of short sheep wool, but is really a mixture of hard and soft hairs standing well out from the body. This coat requires regular scissoring to keep it in form. Color can be blue, or sandy, or liver, and any of the previous colors, along with tan.

Common ailments: 

Blood Disorder

The first dog to be called a "Bedlington Terrier" was whelped in 1825. The dog was Ainsley's Piper, who started to hunt at 8 months and continued to bring down the most ferocious of otters and badgers even in his blind and toothless old age. (<a href="" target="_blank"></a>)