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Used as hunting dogs in their native Africa, the Basenji drove game into nets, or helped track down and kill wounded game.Known as a Yodeling dog this breed has many idiosyncrasies. It is said to be cat-like in demeanor; sometimes independent, willful and never 100% predictable. Although considered ?barkless? they are still very vocal dogs, using all kinds of different of sound effects. They are very loyal with their immediate family, but are not very accepting of strangers and new situations.

MALE : 24lbs (11kg)FEMALE : 22lbs (10kg)

Its coat is short and feels silky to the touch. Basenjis are chestnut red or black, or black and tan, and all have white feet, chest and tail tip markings. The skin is very pliant, with wrinkling in the face that furrows when alert. Its tail is upright and tightly curled. Minimal grooming is required.

The Basenji does not bark but does make yodelling noises.