American Pit Bull Terrier

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The American Pitbull Terrier is a fit and handsome medium size dog with a muscular body , sleek coat, comical expressions and an affectionate nature. Considered the strongest dog in the world for it's size, for many years it was one of the most respected and beloved breeds in America. A Pit Bull was the most decorated hero dog during WWI. Thomas Edison owned one and so did Teddy Roosevelt. "Pete" the Pitbull star from Little Rascals and Our Gang , proved the intelligence and adaptibility of the breed by being the only animal actor to make transition from silent movies to talkies.But unfortunately today this breed does not enjoy public appreciation as it did in the past. There is now much misuse and mislabeling of this Noble breed.Characteristics of the A.P.B.T: Strong resolve to please his ownerProtective instinct- makes him a natural guardianEnjoy's the center of attentionHighly trainable Robust and energeticDescription:Head: Medium length. Bricklike in shape. Skull flat and widest at the ears, with prominant cheeks free from wrinkles.Muzzle: Square, wide and eep. Well pronounced jaws, displaying strenght. Upper teeth should meet tightly over lower teeth, outside in front.Ears: Cropped or uncropped(not important). Should be set high on head, and free from wrinkles.Eyes: Round. Should be set far apart, low down on skull. Any color acceptableNose: Wide open nostrils. Any color acceptableShoulders: Strong and muscular, with wide, sloping shoulder blades.Back: Short and strong. Slightly sloping from withers to rump. Slightly arched at loins, which should be slightly tucked.Chest: Deep, but not too broad, with wide-sprung ribsRibs-Close. Well sprung, with feep rib racksTail: Short in comparison to size. Set low and tapering to a fine point. Not carried over back. Bobbed tail not acceptable.Legs: Large, round boned, with straight upright pasterns, reasonably strong. Feet to be of medium size. Gait should be light and springy. No rolling or pacingThigh- Long, with muscles developed. Hocks down and straight.Coat- Gloss. Short and stiff to the touch.,Color- Any color or marking permissible (not merle)


The breed known today as the Bulldog or English Bulldog is not he same as the Bulldog of the 18th and 19th centuries. The earlier bulldog strain is the ancestor of both the modern Pit Bull breed and the modern Bulldog, but was more similiar to today's Pit Bull than today's Bulldog.When English immigrants came to America, they brought with them their sport and their dogs. By the mid 1800's dog fighting had a solid following in America. With the migration west, Bulldogs once again found themselves called upon to do the toughest jobs. They served as all purpose farm and guard dogs (still do), protecting families and stock from fierce wildlife, rampaging cattle and vermin. Many also served as hunting dogs, holding their own against bears, wolves and sometimes a buffalo. Once again the Bulldog underwent a change- this time into a larger dog that could best serve these important functions. This variety of purpose is resposible for the great range in size of today's Pit Bull's.

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Females preferred 30- 50 lbs Males 35-60 lbs
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Pitbulls are healthy critters! Hearty and robust with a high tolerance for pain and quick healing, your A.P.B.T. should seldom show signs of sickness. With Pitbulls most of the dangerous diseases are preventable through vaccinations, and other problems avoided through good nutrition, adequate housing, cleanliness, regular brushing and daily exercise. There are no common ailments.

The American Canine Temperament Testing Association rates pit bulls as having a 95% passing rate on temperament tests, as opposed to 77% for all breeds in general.
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