American Indian Dog

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Intelligence: It has been said that the American Indian Dogs are smarter than most people. Thus the phrase ?this is not a breed for just anyone?. Because this statement is true, it takes a person that understands how to communicate with a working breed that still has its survival instincts intact to enjoy and be able to effectively bring an American Indian dog into their family. The American Indian Dogs want to please you, but it?s extremely important that they respect you first. This is why the Founder and trustees of this breed are so adamant on where their breed is placed, plus on their control of the breeding program of this unique breed.TRAINING: As a primitive breed, the Native Indian Dogs have unlimited potential as far as what they are capable of doing. As they were developed to do it all; from baby sitting children, to hunting, herding, hauling, sledding, retrieving and keeping owners warm at night (hence the term it?s so cold it?s a three dog night). They do know how to get their way, so firm, tough love is the way to gain their respect.WORKING ABILITY: It?s completely up to the owner/trainer to have the ability to attain that special, intuitive bond that happens when you?ve gained the respect of an American Indian Dog. They have the capability to learn anything, as long as the owner has the ability to communicate it. The American Indian Dog can excel and adjust to any working situation, from certified therapy dogs to the ultimate family sporting companion. American Indian Dogs are currently involved in Search and Rescue, as drug and bomb dogs, as world class Frisbee dogs, and livestock guarding and herding, and, of course, as the ultimate family dog.BREEDING GOALS: The American Indian Dogs have their very own registry and club, ?International Owners and Breeders Association.. This breed club controls all genetics in the breeding program, registrations and stud book. The founder/trustees of the breed are not interested in any ?big brother? type registries that allow any back yard breeder to inbreed and ruin their breed. The founder?s goals are to maintain the mystical appearance, along with the excellent working temperament and instincts of the past. Plus to continue genetics research in order to save the breed and help them to find the right symbiotic family environments to help both them and us to deal with our modern world today and hone our survival instincts.


The Plains Indians traded goods, ideas, people, and dogs for hundreds and even thousands of years. All the working dogs from all four directions were bred and used as the main working breed within the plains groups. These slightly different types were the common Indian dog, the southwestern (like the Tahltan), southeastern, village Indian dog, hare and of course, the plains type. Through our 40 years of research, this is what the old plains dog were. So our goal is to bring back the originals by selectively breeding all the descendants of these old types together, plus giving the American Indian Dog breed the variables necessary to actually save them into the future, and keep them as they were.


American Indian Dogs can be found in all the old colors from black and its dilute lead/blue to silver/grays to red and creams (all colors). They all have that ?primitive sable? effect with yellow, blue & gray eyes. ? Coat lengths can vary from a medium long to a short coat. People that are allergic to most canine breeds are not allergic to our Native American Indian Dogs.

Information supplied by: 

Kim LaFlamme, Founder/trustee and Pres., of the A.I.Dog Registry & IIDOBA