Alaskan Malamute

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A spitz by nature, this instinctual working dog needs a family willing to train and keep it under control at all times, in exchange this breed will be loving, loyal and hard working. Very alert, they have a strong desire to roam and will require a secure fenced yard to run in. You should give them a great amount of daily exercise to keep them happy.PURPOSE OF BREED:This spitz breed of dog, is a native to the Western Hemisphere. It was bred by the Mahlemut or Malemuit which is an Inuit tribe found near the mouth of the Yukon river. This all purpose dog was well taken care of by a people dependent upon it for survival. The Mal?s job was to haul meat and supplies of great weight over long distances making it an ideal freight/draft animal. They also provided warmth to the Eskimo children in the cold winter nights.

HEIGHT: MALE : 25in (63cm) - FEMALE : 23in (58cm)WEIGHT: MALE : 85lbs (39kg) - FEMALE : 75lbs (34kg)

The Mahlemut has a double coat. The guard coat is thick and coarse, not long or soft. The undercoat is dense, oily and woolly. This dog requires ongoing brushing to keep it mat and dirt free. Its color is usually a shade of gray running to black or reddish sable. The Malamute always has a white under body, with white markings on the legs, feet and part of the mask.

Common ailments: 

Hip Dysplasia, Dwarfism, Auto-Immune, Epilepsy

Its name comes from Mahlemuts, an Alaskan tribe that raised and cared for these wonderful dogs.