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Loyal, hardworking and devoted to its family, the Akita has become a favorite of many families. Caution should be taken with them when strangers come to the home, as they are instinctually possessive and protective.PURPOSE OF BREED:The Akita is a versatile working dog, primarily a guard dog, but is also known for its work as a guide for the blind, hunting companion and sled dog. It is considered a ? National Treasure? in Japan that was once owned only by the nobility.

Country of origin: 
HEIGHT: MALE : 26in (66cm) - FEMALE : 24in (61cm)WEIGHT: MALE : 110lbs (50kg) - FEMALE : 75lbs (34kg)

The Akita has a double coat, whose topcoat is straight, coarse and standing somewhat out from body. It can be any color including brindle, white (no mask) and pinto. The undercoat is soft, very dense and shorter. Its face and ears are nicely contoured and covered with soft fine hair. Weekly brushing is required to keep this coat dirt free and healthy.

Common ailments: 

Hip Dysplasia

The government of Japan designated the Akita breed as a national monument in July 1931.