Airedale Terrier

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This giant of the terrier world is really a big softy with his humane family. Hardy, loyal, intelligent and obedient, he is a big clown at heart. The Airedale is trustworthy with young children.PURPOSE OF BREED:This versatile terrier?s work is not limited to ratting. The Airedale Terrier was bred in the late 19th century to be ?Jack of all Trades? used to hunt fur and feather, retrieve over land and water, herd livestock, to pit-fight and also guard property.

Country of origin: 
HEIGHT: MALE : 23in (58 cm) FEMALE : 22in (56cm)WEIGHT: MALE : 55lbs (25kg) - FEMALE : 50lbs (23kg)

The coat is coarse, dense and wiry, lying close to body on the skull, neck, back and tail and is black and tan in color. The hair on the foreface, legs, and undercarriage is of medium length. This coat requires professional grooming to keep it manageable.

Common ailments: 

Hip Dysplasia, skin disorders.

They were first called Waterside Terriers and were later crossed with Otterhounds to make them better swimmers.