Afghan Hound

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This ancient breed of ?sight? hound was used in its native land as both a hunter and herding dog. They were also trained and used in the sport of falconry. Its primary use was that of coursing wolves, gazelles and foxes for the Afghani nobility, who considered them the swiftest, most valued of workers.This versatile sight hound is beautiful to behold in full coat and lure coursing. Its crowning glory is its long flowing coat that trails behind it. Said to be every bit a hound, it is aloof and independent of mind and those who own them say they are very sweet natured, loyal and affectionate.

Country of origin: 
MALE : 60 lbs (27kg) - FEMALE : 50 lbs (23kg)

Except for a saddle that runs the length of its back, this breed has a long, thick, and profuse coat that covers its entire body. Its coat is silky and fine in texture and the face is clean with short hair. The ears and topknot of the Afghan hound have long silky hair. This breed requires daily brushing and weekly baths to maintain the coat. All colors are acceptable in this breed.