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  •   Dominance is a key part to life in a multiple cat home. Cats in multiple cat homes will quickly establish a dominance hierarchy amongst
  •   Although not a common behavior some cats will chew or suck on different types of fabrics and materials. This behavior is referred to as
  •   Many owners complain of the problem of having a biter or a scratcher. Their arms and hands tell a tale of an aggressive cat! So what do you do
  •   Contrary to popular belief cats are very trainable (they don't just learn the connection between the refrigerator and food from nowhere!) and
  •   When is aggressive behavior too much? House cats, although domesticated versions, are still relatives of the 'big cats'. And with that, still
  •   Cats, Canine and babies Today a great number of women have chosen to pursue a successful career before motherhood. But many couples that have




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